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Top 10 Tips for Throwing a First Birthday Party
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When planning your child’s first birthday party, there are several considerations to keep in mind that are different from older kids’ parties. Keep these top 10 tips in mind when planning for the perfect first birthday party:  

  1. The first birthday party is really for the parents and other adults to celebrate the baby’s first year milestone, so have the party that makes the most sense for you.
  2. Plan your first birthday party around your child’s naptime. One of the most important things for this day is to have a well-rested child.
  3. When considering the length of the party, keep in mind that a long party where the attention is focused on the first birthday child may be overwhelming for him or her. A short time frame is most likely better for your child.
  4. Line up a babysitter or a designated adult to help with the party. With the potential for multiple ages to attend and juggling a one-year-old birthday child, you will need this help.
  5. Keep in mind that this party will be one where, most likely, multiple ages of children will be attending. Have a plan in place to keep these kids busy and fed during your party.
  6. If other babies will be attending, have a safe play area in place where your first birthday child and the others can free play together with the supervision of the parents.
  7. Make sure to plan an activity that revolves around the first birthday child. A Time Capsule is a perfect way to be inclusive by asking your guests to bring something of the day (sports headlines, weather report, news clippings) that can be placed into a special box for the child to open on another milestone birthday.
  8. The most important part of the party for your first birthday child is blowing out the first candle on his special cake. Bake a small smash cake for your child to enjoy and get messy with.
  9. Make sure to have the batteries charged in your camera and video camera to capture the special moments.
  10. Given that this is a party where your friends and family will be over to celebrate, make sure to create a party menu that caters to adults as well. If you want to keep it budget-friendly, just serve cake and ice cream during a non-meal time.


By Lisa Kothari

In our effort to make the place to go for information and great ideas about planning your child's next birthday party, we've teamed up with Lisa Kothari, one of the true experts in planning kids' parties.

Lisa Kothari

Lisa Kothari, party planning expert and author, has a passion for planning creative and entertaining parties! Drawing from all of her gained knowledge and her brilliant imagination, Lisa has organized her excellent tips and original ideas about throwing a wonderful celebration for any occasion onto her website and in her book: Dear Peppers and Pollywogs...What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids' Parties. Her main party planning belief is that no matter the budget or amount of time a parent has, an incredible party can always be thrown, keeping children cheerful and parents stress-free during their wonderfully planned celebrations! Her passion is helping parents achieve this with minimal time and effort.