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Alphabet First Birthday Party

Learning the ABCs is fundamental to childhood, and since these letters are the building blocks to reading and writing, it’s a wonderful theme for your child’s first birthday. It also serves as a wonderful theme as there are many ABC activities that you can organize for the older children who may be attending.

ABC Party Invitations

Cut out the letters that spell the birthday child’s name. Place the letters onto folded white card stock and provide the party details inside.

ABC Party Decorations

For a centerpiece, find large wooden ABC blocks and attach a few balloons to each of the wooden blocks.

Cut out the letters of the alphabet and post them around the party room. Teacher resource stores will have the alphabet letters pre-made and you will only have to cut them out.

Create a banner to greet the guests when they arrive, i.e., Elizabeth is One! Hurray! Using letters of the alphabet to spell out the sign, place one alphabet letter on an individual square shape of heavy card stock and hole punch each letter square. Thread twine or yarn through all of the letter squares to spell out the sign and hang in a prominent area.

ABC Party Activities

Hire a face painter to paint little ABCs on the kids’ faces, and/or paint their names.

Provide kids with a white T-shirt with an iron-on alphabet letter for their initial. On the back of the shirt, have the kids make a handprint with wearable paint.

Play charades, and have each kid act out a word that starts with a letter of the alphabet. So, if it is “B” — it could be for a bear — the child can act out a bear and the other kids will have to figure out what he or she is.

Make little alphabet letters and stick them all over the house on things that begin with that letter. For example, stick a “G” on glass. Have the kids find all of the letters and shout out the letter and what it stands for.

Have the kids make the letters of the alphabet with their bodies. Adults should help lead the game.

ABC Party Menu

Serve any type of sandwich you like, and cut them out with alphabet shapes.

Serve alphabet cereal, Goldfish® crackers, carrots, and fruit as additional snacks. Try to serve bright, bold-colored snacks.

Bake sugar cookies and cut them out in different alphabet shapes. You can ice them yourself, put them into clear cellophane bags, and tie with a pretty ribbon as a goody item, or have the kids decorate the cookies and enjoy eating them right at the party as another activity.

ABC Party Favors

Find out each child’s name before the party, and decorate a brown paper bag using the letters in their names. You can do this with markers and stickers. Inside the bag include alphabet stickers, iron-on patches with their letters, alphabet coloring books with a small box of crayons, magnetic letters, and an alphabet wooden block.