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Circus First Birthday Party

Celebrating a first birthday under the big top is a fabulous party theme. Not only are the colors and activities fun and full of celebration, but you can also create games that all ages will love.

Circus Party Invitations

Make a circus ticket that will guarantee the invited guest loads of fun under the birthday kid’s big tent. Using heavy card stock in an array of bright colors, create an over-sized ticket with the party details on it. Ask your guests to bring it with them for entrance to the party.

Circus Party Decorations

Make your own big top entrance to the party by hanging a brightly colored sheet over the front door.

Hang a trapeze over the party table, and put a stuffed monkey or elephant on the trapeze.

If you are holding the party outdoors, make different game stations out of large appliance boxes that the kids can visit to play games. Decorate the stations with balloons, streamers, and a sign designating the game.

Provide kids with a popcorn box filled with snacks for them to eat and enjoy, or give them an empty box to collect their prizes in.

Play circus-type music.

Circus Party Activities

Have the kids make their own clown masks at the party using paper plates, string, and a variety of art supplies.

You can host an assortment of easy games: bean bag toss, ring toss, horse shoes, hula hoop contest, water balloon toss, and a relay race.

If you have game booths, play Penny Platters (where the guests toss pennies onto plates), Lollipop Look (this is especially good for small children who can pick a lollipop and designate a small prize depending on what color is at the bottom of the stick), and have a Water Shooting Gallery (use tin cans that you have covered with bright construction paper, and have the kids shoot at them with water guns to knock them over).

Circus Party Menu

Serve mini sandwiches, cheeses, and fruits all cut out in circus animal shapes. For older kids, make mini pizzas and have the kids top them with clown faces.

For a fun dessert besides cake, make Clown Ice Cream Cones. Place a scoop of ice cream on a sugar cone, turn it upside down, and place it in a cupcake holder. Decorate the ice cream with candies, and then freeze the cones before serving.

Circus Party Favors

Provide your guests with little stuffed circus animals, a small box of animal crackers, and popcorn balls coated in bright colors for older children.



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