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Color First Birthday Party

Color is a special party theme for very small children and easy to organize for multiple ages that may attend your child’s first birthday party. Babies love to look at bright colors and so if you only have babies from 6 to 18 months attending, put out primary color toys that the babies can play with, read color books, play cheerful music, and send home color books as a goody. Read below for more ideas to keep the older children busy.

Color Party Invitations

Whatever favorite color you choose, dress your first birthday child up in the color and take a picture of him or her, and then place the photo on the front of the invitation card. Write your party details on the inside.

Party Tip:
Request that your guests wear the same favorite color to match the party theme.

Color Party Decorations

In addition to your party balloons, streamers, and tableware, include other colorful elements in your party décor, including:

Colorful sign on the front door welcoming your guests

Paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling at varying lengths

A large glass bowl or tall glass vase filled with colorful candies to match your theme

Colorful tulle used to wrap the party table and chairs to match the theme and dress up the table

Color Party Activities

Purchase white hats for the kids to decorate with sparkles, glitter, and stickers. They can do this as the first activity and wear their caps throughout the party.

A fun game for older kids who are attending is to have paper out on a table and provide the kids with markers and/or crayons. Have the kids walk around the table as the music plays, and when the music stops, have the kids begin to draw on the sheets of paper. Each guest will take home a picture created by several different artists.

Provide empty crayon boxes to the kids and hide different colors of crayons throughout your home or backyard. Have the kids find the crayons and fill their empty boxes with different colors.

Decorate a milk carton in the shape of a crocodile, and have the kids feed the croc with their crayons.

Color Party Menu

Use the favorite color to select food and drinks that match. As an example, if your favorite color is orange, serve orange-colored fruits, vegetables, crackers, cheese, cupcakes with orange frosting, and orange punch.

Color Party Favors

Send all of the children home with crayons and coloring books. For fellow one-year-old children, the over-sized large crayons would work well. For the older children, regular boxes would be perfect. Wrap the two together with colorful ribbon for easy take-away.