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Cupcake First Birthday Party

Is your little cupcake turning one soon? If so, one of the most popular treats to serve at his or her upcoming first birthday party is cupcakes and, even better, they make a darling first birthday theme, too. A cupcake theme is especially perfect for a first birthday as the small size makes it an ideal photo opportunity with your little cupcake.

Cupcake Party Invitation

Use jumbo cupcake liners and write your party details on the liners with bright markers. Place the liner in a cellophane bag and tie off with a silk ribbon. Hand-deliver to your party quests.

Party Tip:
Use thematic language such as, “Our Little Cupcake is Turning One!”

Cupcake Party Decorations

Choose a color scheme that is a favorite and purchase streamers, balloons, and tableware that match your thematic colors. Mylar balloons in cupcakes shapes would be a great addition for this theme.

Make streamers out of cupcake liners by hot gluing them together, and hang these streamers from the party ceiling and on the party walls.

For a table centerpiece, bake and frost cupcakes and then spell your child’s name with icing on the frosted cupcakes. Place them on a cake stand and arrange them, spelling his or her name. Organize the cupcakes on the cake plate in a bouquet, and decorate and arrange the remaining cupcakes as a big bunch of flowers.

Cupcake Party Activities

Provide your guests with little aprons and chef hats for their cupcake decorating.

Have the guests draw and color pictures of cupcakes, and have their faces painted with little cupcakes.

Hold a Cupcake Treasure Hunt where the kids must find all of the ingredients to make a cupcake, such as flour, sugar, and eggs. Once the kids have gathered all of their found ingredients, have them decorate the ready-made cupcakes. Provide a selection of frosting, icing tubes, and candy toppings so the kids can decorate them.

Have the guests create a Cupcake Alphabet, where they decorate cupcakes for each letter of the alphabet.

Cupcake Party Menu

Cupcakes will be central to your party menu.

Additionally, place mini brownies, cookies, small fruits, crackers, and cheese cubes in cupcake liners to serve to your guests as well.

Cupcake Party Favors

Send the guests home with the hat and apron along with a couple of cupcakes that they decorated during the party. Put the cupcakes in bakery boxes and personalize the boxes with your birthday child’s name and birth date.