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Farm Animals First Birthday Party

Baby farm animals are very popular for little ones. Whether reading farm animal tales or visiting a local farm, babies are fascinated with these darling animals. This is a great first party theme and one where you can either go to a petting zoo or have some farm animals come to your home. Check to see if there is any entertainment of this sort in your community. Children of all ages will love this farm animal theme.

Farm Animals Party Invitations

Purchase inexpensive red bandanas and write your party details directly on the inside. Either mail or hand-deliver to your guests.

Party Tip:
Ask your guests to wear farm attire along with their bandanas. Take a picture of them sitting on a bale of hay with the birthday child. Include this in your thank you note.

Farm Animals Party Decorations

For your table centerpiece, take a set of brown western boots and place big bright, bold sunflowers in them.

Place buckets on the party table with each child’s name on them — you can either write the names with a marker or use letter stickers. Place stickers in the buckets and the kids can further decorate them while at the party table.

Farm Animals Party Activities

Upon each guest’s arrival, provide them with straw hats. The older kids can also decorate their straw hats with animal cutouts, hay, flowers, etc.

Purchase bales of hay (good decoration for this theme as well) and hide prizes in the stacks for the older children to find.

Older children can play Duck, Duck, Goose, Pin the Tail on the Pig, and Animal Charades.

Farm Animals Party Menu

Serve Pigs in a Blanket, baked beans, corn on the cob, corn bread, animal crackers, animal gummies, and baby carrots.

Bake a batch of favorite cupcakes and use icing and candies to outline farm animal bodies, i.e., cows, ducks, pigs, and more.

Farm Animals Party Favors

Using either the buckets with the kids’ names on them or burlap material made into a small bag, fill the containers with: farm animal Beanie Babies®, animal stickers, Farm PEZ® candy holders, chocolate farm animals, and clear soap with a farm animal inside.



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