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Ladybug First Birthday Party

Ladybug, ladybug, where are you? These tiny red and black spotted bugs are a sure sign that it’s summer outdoors, and if you have a child turning one during this season, it’s a precious theme to celebrate her first birthday. Kids of all ages love ladybugs and there are a variety of special activities to suit all of your guests.

Ladybug Party Invitations

It’s all about the red and black spots for this party invitation. Cut out medium-sized red and black spots from heavy card stock and write your ladybug party details on one side. Take a picture of your first birthday child dressed up as a ladybug and attach to the invitation on the opposite side.

Ladybug Party Decorations

Print out interesting ladybug facts and tape a different one to clear plastic containers so the older children can learn something about ladybugs during the party.

Place small terra cotta plant holders on the party table and have the kids thumb stamp red and black paint to make ladybugs on the holders. The children can take a decoration home as one of their party favors.

Ladybug Party Activities

Upon arrival, give each child a ladybug antenna to wear during the party. Use a black headband with red pom poms attached to black pipe cleaners.

Play Pin the Spot on the Ladybug. Cut out hundreds of black spots and write Ladybug on the back of just a few of the spots. Tape the spots around the party area and have the children collect all of the spots during the party. The kids who find the spots with Ladybug written on the back win a prize!

Ladybug Party Menu

Use a ladybug cookie cutter to cut out a thematic menu of sandwiches, gelatin jigglers, and sugar cookies. Add chocolate chips to the sandwich bread for the spotted effect.

Serve a Ladybug Fruit Salad. Scoop out small watermelon balls and place raisins in the fruit for the ladybug spots.

Bake a batch of vanilla or chocolate cupcakes and ice with red frosting. Use black icing to make ladybug spots, small thin pieces of black licorice for antennas, and round chocolate candies for eyes.

Ladybug Party Favors

For older guests, use red cellophane bags and place small party favors inside, including ladybug stickers, rings, a small magnifying glass, a net, and any other bug-related items. Tie up the cellophane bag with a black satin ribbon.

For the one-year-olds, place a healthy cereal snack in the bag to be tied up as well.

Alternatively, fill the kids’ terra cotta plant holders with a ladybug catcher kit (magnifying glass and net) for a wonderful favor.



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