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Introduction and Party Invitations

How quickly does the first year of your child’s life go by? In the blink of an eye, it seems that people are starting to ask about the first birthday bash for your special one. Often it is the first time that parents set out to plan a child’s party.

Here are a few top tips to keep in mind when planning the party:

  • Your child will never remember this party; the celebration is more about the parents and the party they would like to have for their child.
  • Often multiple ages of children will attend this party due to it being family related and people bringing all of their kids.
  • A short time frame for this party is ideal so as to not overwhelm the birthday child.
  • Plan it around your child’s nap time, so he or she will be in top form during the actual party.

Since your child is turning one, and cannot tell you what he or she is interested in as far as theme, take thematic inspiration from looking around your child’s room and seeing what are his or her favorite toys, books, and activities to create a theme. Alternatively, building a theme around your child’s initials or the number one are also great themes.

For an I’m One! party invitation, cut out a large number one from heavy cardstock in your favorite colors, or the colors that you used in your baby’s room, and provide the party details on one side. On the other side of the invitation, write out different facts that surround your baby’s first year — first step, first smile, first tooth, etc. The facts of your child’s first year will be fun for the party guests to read.

Alternatively, a very popular invitation idea for the first birthday is to take a picture or several pictures and place on the front of heavy cardstock. Inside of the card, write all of your party details. Guests will love to see a picture of your child all set to turn one.

Invitation Tip:

Given this party revolves around the parents more than the birthday child, make sure to do an activity that revolves around him or her too. In your invitation, ask your guests to bring something of the day, such as a newspaper article, sports page, weather report, or something else current from the day, that you place in a time capsule for your child to open on a future birthday. What a great way to capture a memory for your child!