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Polka Dot First Birthday Party

Polka dots are a special theme for a small child. Make sure to keep with the dot theme by having everything be colorful circles, from decorations to food. Also, to make it easier for you, decide on two to three colors for the polka dots so that you can limit colors of balloons, etc. It may be easiest to choose your child’s favorite colors.

Polka Dot Party Invitations

Cut out large polka dots and write the party information on them.

Party Tip:
Invite everyone to dress in polka dots.

Polka Dot Party Decorations

Cut out large dots in a variety of colors and decorate the party room with them.

Write the letters of “Happy Birthday” on some of the larger dots. String the message together as a welcome greeting to your guests.

Have balloons tied in groups of three different colors in the party room.

Have a polka dot tablecloth for the party table. You can match it with polka dot accessories, or use primary colors and put a dot on the cups or the plates.

Stick polka dots all over the guests once they enter the party.

Polka Dot Party Activities

Hide dots that you have cut out in different colors. Upon entering the party, give each kid a dot name tag with a different color. Later on, during the party, have the kids find the dots in the party room or outside in the yard that match their name tag color. Tell them how many there are to find. Once they have found all of their dots, give them a prize.

Play Polka Dot Bingo . Make little bingo cards with different colored dots. Call out the colors and the first child who gets four colors straight in a row wins a prize.

Play Pin the Dot on the Dog . You could draw a Dalmatian and have multiple black spots, and the kids have to pin their dots on the dog where there is open space.

Play Musical Dots , similar to Musical Chairs . Use squares of cardboard with a big colored dot on each one instead of chairs.

Polka Dot Party Menu

Serve small, round food to your guests to keep with the dot theme:

Sandwiches cut out as circles. Add dots to the bread by making little holes with a cotton swab and filling the holes with food coloring

Fruit balls, such as melon balls, and globe grapes

Cheese balls

Round cookies

Serve the party menu as a bagged lunch and decorate the bags with multiple dots.

Polka Dot Party Favors

Kids can decorate their own paper goody bags with dots — either with stickers or by drawing and coloring. Fill the goody bags with whichever circle toys/candy are appropriate for each guest’s age: rubber balls, bubbles, strips of dot candy, bubble gum, gum balls, round memo pads, round erasers, etc.