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Puppy First Birthday Party

During the first year of your child’s life, he or she may simply adore your family dog or the dogs of your friends and family. What is even cuter? How about a playful puppy that is also learning his or her way in the big wide world? A puppy party theme is absolutely adorable for a first birthday and appeals to children of different ages that may be attending your upcoming party.

Puppy Party Invitations

Create your invitation in the shape of a doghouse, and attach some flaps to the front. When your guests open the flaps, your party details will be written on the inside.

When writing out your party details, use puppy speak, such as, Come join us for a bow-wow good time!

Puppy Party Decorations

Make paper paw prints and place them on a path leading up to the house. You can put them on your sidewalk, the pathway to the front door, and around the party area.

Use large, old boxes to make individual doghouses — one for each of your guests. The kids will be able to play in the doghouses during the party. This will work well with five guests or fewer. If you have more, you can just make the fronts of doghouses, and lean them up against the party room’s walls. Make sure to make the doghouses unique, and write a specific guest’s name on each one.

Hang puppy signs stating, Wipe your paws! or No cats allowed!

Puppy Party Activities

Upon arrival, have kids go to the puppy groomer. Here, you can have face painting and give the children a black nose, whiskers, and paint a little pup face on their cheeks.

Have the kids decorate puppy collars. Provide little collars made out of felt or paper and have puppy stickers, glitter, markers, and crayons for the kids to decorate with. The kids can wear their collars for the duration of the party. You could also provide beads and string and have them string a collar for themselves.

Older guests can play Musical Doghouse. Have the children crawl through the doghouse (make sure you have two openings) while you play music. When the music stops, whoever is in the doghouse is out of the game. Continue until you have a winner.

Puppy Party Menu

Serve hot dogs, puppy chow mix (chocolate chips, Chex® cereal, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and butter), pretzel sticks, carrot sticks, and cookies and sandwiches cut into dog bone shapes.

Serve your party meal in little puppy bowls. You can paint the kids’ names on the bowls and decorate them with mini bones as well.

Puppy Party Favors

Decorate lunch bags to look like a puppy: fray the top portion to look like fur and draw a puppy face on the front of the bag.

Give the kids their puppy bowls and collars. In addition, give out puppy coloring books, crayons, and puppy stickers.