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Rubber Ducky First Birthday Party

Rubber Ducky is the one who has made bath time so much fun throughout your child’s first year. Building a party theme around this darling toy is just ducky, especially since one of the best places to find first birthday party inspiration is your child’s favorite toys.

Rubber Ducky Party Invitations

If you are planning on hand-delivering your Rubber Ducky invitations, give your guests little rubber duckies with a tag attached that provides your party details. You can also write the party details directly on the rubber duckies.

Rubber Ducky Party Decorations

Dip a duck-shaped sponge (buy one or make one) in paint, and stamp it over pieces of poster board. Or, if older kids are attending, they can use the stamps and paint to create a large birthday card for your child as a fun activity.

Purchase or rent a bubble machine and have it blowing bubbles at the front entryway of the party for everyone to walk through. You can move the bubble machine around as needed.

Hang a plain shower curtain at the front entrance that the guests must pass through to get into the party area.

Make sure to have party music playing, such as the “Rubber Ducky” theme from Sesame Street® and “Splish Splash (I was takin’ a bath).” This will get your guests in Rubber Ducky mood.

Rubber Ducky Party Activities

Have older children make Rubber Ducky hats or Rubber Ducky puppets. For the hats, provide the kids with plain sun visors and have them use googly eyes, markers, and stickers to create their ducks. For the puppets, give the kids yellow or orange socks and googly eyes, foam beaks, and feathers for decoration.

Play Rubber, Rubber, Ducky as you would Duck, Duck, Goose.

Fill a kiddie pool with water and have the little ones toss duckies into the pool. If the kids are a bit older, let them try to toss rings around the duckies in the pool.

Host a duck hunt, where the kids hunt for rubber duckies you have hidden all over the party area.

Rubber Ducky Party Menu

Purchase a Rubber Ducky cookie cutter, and cut all of the food out in this shape. You can make Rubber Ducky sandwiches, sugar cookies (the kids can decorate these!), and gelatin jigglers.

Serve dry cereal snacks and call them duck feed. Put the duck feed into little silver buckets, and the kids can eat it out of these little pails.

Make a punch with Sprite®, cherry Kool-Aid®, and a few scoops of lime sherbet. Have some clean rubber duckies floating in the punch bowl as well.

Rubber Ducky Party Favors

Send older kids home with little plastic pails filled with bath time fun: bath bubbles, bath confetti, miniature washcloths that expand with water, little bars of soap, and bottles of bubbles.

For the one-year-olds, a soft Rubber Ducky bath toy would also be great.