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Top Tips for Party Presents

A basic of all kids’ parties are presents to celebrate the special occasion. However, these days, not only is opening presents at the party almost unacceptable, but even bringing gifts is becoming problematic. Keep in mind the following top tips regarding party presents at your child’s next party or for the next party where your child will be a guest to navigate this area of planning with ease.

If you are the host parent of the birthday child:

  1. Asking for No Gifts in your party invitation can often be problematic because people expect to bring something for the birthday child. Alternatives that may work better include:
    • Limiting the amount of money people spend, e.g. Gifts under $10 only please. 
    • Ask guests to bring something to donate to a favorite charity.
  2. It is not appropriate to ask for cash in kids’ party invitations.
  3. Alternative ideas to traditional presents includes:
    • A gift exchange 
    • A book exchange 
    • Charitable donations
  4. Although many people do not open presents at the actual parties, consider the following pros to opening gifts at your party:
    • Helps with planning as present-opening can take up to 15 minutes of party time. 
    • It is an excellent opportunity to teach your children how to express gratitude to their friends. 
    • Your party guests are curious to see if the birthday child likes their gifts.
  5. Always send thank you notes to your party guests within a week or two of the party.

If you are the parent of a party guest:

  1. Do not feel obligated to give a gift if you will not be attending the party, unless the party is for a close friend or family member.
  2. Take heed, if an invitation requests “No Gifts,” as it is truly meant by the party host. Do not feel obligated to bring a gift.
  3. If an invitation asks for an item to contribute to a charity, do not feel obligated to bring an additional present as well.
  4. Draw up a present budget anticipating, on average, how many parties your children will be attending throughout the year and stick with it.
  5. During the RSVP call, it is perfectly acceptable to ask the party host’s parent what the birthday child would like for a present.
  6. Always request a gift receipt for easy return or exchange.


By Lisa Kothari

In our effort to make the place to go for information and great ideas about planning your child's next birthday party, we've teamed up with Lisa Kothari, one of the true experts in planning kids' parties.

Lisa Kothari

Lisa Kothari, party planning expert and author, has a passion for planning creative and entertaining parties! Drawing from all of her gained knowledge and her brilliant imagination, Lisa has organized her excellent tips and original ideas about throwing a wonderful celebration for any occasion onto her website and in her book: Dear Peppers and Pollywogs...What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids' Parties. Her main party planning belief is that no matter the budget or amount of time a parent has, an incredible party can always be thrown, keeping children cheerful and parents stress-free during their wonderfully planned celebrations! Her passion is helping parents achieve this with minimal time and effort.