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Top Tips for Shared Birthday Parties

Shared birthday parties are an excellent idea if you are looking to save time, money, and energy. If you have twins, this may not be how you want to celebrate their birthdays each year, but it is certainly appropriate some of the time. Also, even if you have kids of different ages and genders, combining a party can also shake up your party routine and be loads of fun for everyone.

Keep these top tips in mind when planning shared birthday parties:

  1. A general rule of thumb is to make sure the two kids’ birthdays fall within a month of one another, or, at the most, the same season.
  2. Consider the kids’ ages and genders when planning your party.
  3. If you are hiring one entertainer, try to find one who is versatile and can keep multiple ages entertained.
  4. Have two separate birthday cakes.
  5. Sing Happy Birthday twice.
  6. Use different areas of your home and yard for games and activities. Make sure to have the areas coordinated for the two groups. It may be a good idea to have extra help to supervise the different groups.
  7. If there is a large age difference between the kids, keep the following tips in mind:
    • A very small child, e.g. two-years-old and under, will not remember his birthday party, but an older child will. Listen to him to hear what he wants for his celebration. 
    • Once you have decided on the theme with the older child, try to make it consistent for the younger one. For example, if your eleven-year-old wants a pool party, make it an Under the Sea theme and plan activities, decorations, and menus for both kids. 
    • If your older child wants to have his own party, then start the party around your small child’s schedule. As an example, have friends and family over and enjoy cake and ice cream. With such a young child, parties should last only one hour. Once that is over, your older child’s friends can arrive straight afterwards for their fun. The party is on the same day, but the timing allows for it to be separate. 
    • Instead of baking two cakes, make a small cake for your young child, and serve themed cupcakes to the older kids.


By Lisa Kothari

In our effort to make the place to go for information and great ideas about planning your child's next birthday party, we've teamed up with Lisa Kothari, one of the true experts in planning kids' parties.

Lisa Kothari

Lisa Kothari, party planning expert and author, has a passion for planning creative and entertaining parties! Drawing from all of her gained knowledge and her brilliant imagination, Lisa has organized her excellent tips and original ideas about throwing a wonderful celebration for any occasion onto her website and in her book: Dear Peppers and Pollywogs...What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids' Parties. Her main party planning belief is that no matter the budget or amount of time a parent has, an incredible party can always be thrown, keeping children cheerful and parents stress-free during their wonderfully planned celebrations! Her passion is helping parents achieve this with minimal time and effort.