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Introduction and Party Invitations

Ready to create a Backyardigans™ adventure for your child’s next party? This very popular TV show is based on the adventures of five friends who play together every day, using their imaginations to transform their backyard into all kinds of fun worlds. This is a great party theme to hold outdoors, just like the Backyardigans.

The five friends include:

  • Pablo , the blue penguin,
  • Pablo's best friend Tyrone, the orange moose with red hair,
  • Uniqua, their polka dotted friend,
  • Uniqua's best friend Tasha, the yellow hippo; and
  • Austin, the purple kangaroo

Find some promotional Backyardigans CDs and place into colorful CD paper holders. Write the party details on the backs of the CD holders, and have your birthday child draw pictures on the front of the CD holders. Hand-deliver or mail your invitations.

Alternatively, use Backyardigans clip art to create an invitation card that features the favorite characters on the front and all of the party details on the inside.

Use festive language in your party invitation:

Hi, I'm Pablo! My name's Tyrone! And I’m Uniqua! Don’t forget Tasha and Austin! And I'm _____ (birthday child’s name)! We're inviting you to _____’s Backyardigans Bash! Please join us for a snack!



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