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Introduction and Party Invitations

I Love You, You Love Me …and so the famous Barney song goes. For small children, Barney, the large lovable purple dinosaur, is a favorite friend who spends time with children sharing love and imagining stories. Kids will love to have a Barney themed party based on this character with all of their friends.

Create a Purple Puzzle Invitation. Use heavy purple card stock and write your Barney party details on the paper in the shape of Barney. Cut your invitation into puzzle pieces, and place them into a mailing tube. Your party guests will need to assemble the invitation to learn the details.

Alternatively, draw and cut out egg shapes from white or purple paper. Photocopy and glue a picture of Barney in the middle. Write your party details on one side of the egg and have your birthday child decorate the other side with craft materials.