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Introduction and Party Invitations

Can we fix it? That’s a Bob the Builder™ question to which his friends always answer, Yes, we can! This TV show is a huge hit with small children who love to watch Bob and his gang do renovations, construction, and repairs with one another to help solve problems in Bobsville and in season 2, Sunflower Valley. With cooperation as a major theme in this program, this is a great thematic construction party for your kids.

Using heavy cardstock in blue or orange colors, cut down to invitation card size. Download pictures of Bob the Builder and place on the front of the invitation card. Inside include all of your party details.

Alternatively, purchase plastic tools and tie your invitation card to the tool and hand-deliver these to your guests. Request that the kids bring their tools with them to the party.

Use thematic language in your invitation: Foreman (your child's name) is turning (age), which means there's a lot of work to do. Come party with us at (your last name) Construction site, (day of the week), (date). It will be Dynamite!

Your shift begins at (time) and lasts until (time). We will have lots of fun! Plan on getting dirty!

Remind your Bob the Builder birthday party guests to wear orange T-shirts and denim shirts, and to bring a change of clothes, just in case.