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Games and Activities

When the guests arrive, ask them which Disney Princess they are and making a trumpet sound, announce the princess’ arrival to the party.

Provide a box or chest of extra dress-up items, costume jewelry, feather boas, and dressy play shoes for the girls to accessorize.

Take each girl to your “beauty parlor” (table with mirror) and add a touch of blush and lip-gloss to transform her into a princess.

Finally, award each princess with tiaras, sashes and other princess items that you have on hand. Alternatively, set up a series of crafts to do while you are waiting for everyone to arrive. As examples:

Royal Fans. Draw pretty pictures and creative designs on one or both sides of the colored paper. Fold the paper accordion-style and fasten one end with tape to create the handle. Gently spread out the other end for a beautiful personalized fan, fit only for a royal princess.

Design Your Own Tiara. Guests decorate their own tiara/crown with gemstones, glitter and sparkly stickers.

Princess Parade. Once everyone is dressed up, it is time for a parade! Lead all the princesses on a parade around the house or backyard with the help of a musical instrument, tambourine, or recorded music. Don’t forget photos or videotaping – this is the perfect opportunity!

Sifting for Gems. Tell a story about how many fancy balls were hosted in glorious mansions during the late 19th century. Each female guest was invited to play a game. She was told to grasp a handful of sand and let it sift through her fingers to find a precious gem that was hers to keep. Now it is time for each guest of this party to find their special gem. Reveal a shoebox filled with sand or white cornmeal with hidden plastic rhinestones or jewelry. Pass the shoebox around so each little princess gets a couple of gems or pieces of jewelry by sticking a hand in the sand and letting it sift through her fingers to reveal a surprise.

Kiss the Frog. Draw a large frog on green poster board (just make a big oval head with eyes at the top and an hourglass-shaped body with pointy webbed feet at the bottom). Color the frog green and draw two big white paper eyeballs. Draw a mouth, nostrils, and pupils. Cut out a pair of lips for each princess from red or pink construction paper. Apply a small ball of poster tack or tape to the back of each pair of lips.  

Have each player shut her eyes. Spin her around. Point the player in the right direction to pin the smooch on Mr. Frog. Continue until everyone has a turn.

Disney Princess Detective. Every princess takes a turn sitting on four pillows arranged in a row on the floor. While sitting on the pillows, each guest must guess which pillow the pea (a small ball or marble) is under. Move the ball after each turn while the contestant is out of the room, or looking away.

Lily Pad Moat Crossing. Cut out four large lily pads from green cardboard (about 12" x 15"). Divide guests into two equal lines and give the first person in each line two lily pads. The lily pads become the only thing they can step on as they travel across the moat (from the front of the line, around a chair and back to the line again).

The game begins by having the children place one lily pad on the ground and step on it; then place the other lily pad on the ground in front and step on it. They then pick up the first lily pad and place it on the ground in front of the other. When they cross the moat, they hand the two lily pads to the next player in line. The team to make it all the way across the moat first is the winner.

Slay the Dragon (recommended outdoors). Start by telling a story, “Once upon a time, far, far away, in a magical kingdom, there lived a beautiful princess named (birthday girl). All was well, until one day the princess discovered that a dragon egg had hatched and a mighty, fierce, fire-breathing dragon was running wild! The royal wizard mixed up a batch of pink palace potion to help slay the dragon.”  Hand out the pink water-filled balloons. Have dad, or another willing participant, dress up as a dragon (a green shirt and some orange streamers as fire). Have the dressed-up dragon run from out of some hidden area and roar. The guests get to pelt the dragon with the pink water-filled balloons. When the dragon whimpers away, everyone is allowed to live happily-ever-after.