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Party Menu

Pink Cream Cheese Cracker Sandwiches. Spread strawberry cream cheese between two crackers and pile the cream cheese cracker sandwiches on a pink plate.

Royal Raspberry Jam Sandwiches. Use cream cheese and raspberry jam as a filling for sandwiches cut out into different shapes with cookie cutters, e.g., hearts and flowers.

Wiggly Jiggly Pink Cubes. Make gelatin shapes following directions on gelatin package and cutting out with a star cookie cutter.

Rice Krispie® Wands. Make a batch of Rice Krispies® and add pink food coloring to the mix to make them pink. Use a Popsicle™ stick to create a princess wand treat.

Pretty Pink Lemonade. Prepare according to lemonade mix directions and serve in pretty punch glasses. Garnish each drink with a maraschino cherry or piece of tropical fruit on the rim of the glass.

Princess Punch. Partially thaw frozen fruit and puree in blender, and combine with lime juice concentrate. Chill for at least an hour. Pour mixture into a punch bowl, add ginger ale, club soda, and scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Party Tip: Have a royal toast to the birthday princess during the party meal. A great time to take a photo of all of the kids together.

Pink Disney Princess Castle Cake. Arrange four baked cakes side-to-side in one big square. Place a fifth cake on top of the center of the other four cakes. Place sugar cones upside down on each corner to make turrets. Frost the castle and cones with white icing. Sprinkle the cones with edible glitter and set them on the castle at the four corners. With a pastry bag, create pink icing corner pillars and a door with mini jawbreaker studs. Set gumdrops and soft licorice candies around the castle ledge, and add decorative loops of gel icing and the mini candy hearts. Finally, add sprinkles around the top of the castle and top the cone turrets with flags cut from the colored paper and taped to the toothpicks.