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Introduction and Party Invitations

Hot Wheel™ cars are not only collectible toys, but a favorite for boys to play with their friends and on their own. It’s a great toy to build a party theme around as it involves racing, cool cars, and all things that go fast! Invite your best Hot Wheels™ friends over for a speedy good time!

Create your own Black and White Checkered Flag Invitations the size of a party card. Add a small wooden dowel to make it look authentic. Write all of the details on the back of the flag, use white cardstock and add black strips for the squares so that it is easy for guests to read your invitation. 

Alternatively, create Tire Invitations. Using black heavy cardstock, cut out a large black circle, place a Life Savers® candy in the center of the tire, and attach with a glue stick. Using white chalk, include all of the party details on the back of the invitation. Your birthday child can decorate the front with stickers and cool tire designs.

Use racecar language in your invitation: RACE ON OVER TO MY PARTY!

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