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Games and Activities

Greet the party guests as they arrive by welcoming them to “Hot Wheels™ World,” and by giving them a Hot Wheels™ party visor or race helmet.

Optional: have the guests guess how many nuts and bolts are in a jar you filled earlier. Award the guest with the closest guess a ribbon or winner’s medal at the end of the party.

While the party guests wait for everyone to arrive, have the kids create Hot Wheels™ T-shirts. Purchase white T-shirts (you may want to check sizes with your party guests’ parents or choose a one-size-fits-all variety) and have the kids use fabric pens to draw their own cars. They can wear these T-shirts during the party and take them home as a goody.

Other crafts to do while the kids wait for everyone include:

License Plates or Traffic Signs. Cut construction paper into license plate shapes and into the shapes of common traffic signs (octagons, triangles and squares). Add a border using black construction paper. Cut two holes in the top, insert either end of a string into each hole, and knot the string so the license plate or sign can be hung from a hook, door knob or thumb tack. Pre-cut letters and numbers from construction paper so the guests can decorate their own license plate or traffic sign (e.g. “Curvy Road – John’s Room,” or “Stop! Deb’s Room”) to take home with them. TIP: These license plates and signs can also be made using self-adhesive backed foam so they can be stuck to a door or wall (and the holes and string aren't necessary).

Car Design. Outline a car shape on each piece of construction paper. If you have stencils, use them to create numbers from construction paper that the guests can use to add to their cars. Hand out a piece of construction paper with an outline of a car to guests, and encourage them to decorate it.

Obstacle Race. Design an indoor racetrack by draping a blanket over a table to create a tunnel effect. Use pop bottles as cones that guests must drive around. Lay down crepe paper streamers or rope/string as track borders. Post red paper “Stop” signs at a couple of spots along the track where the kids must stop before going further. 

It’s race time! Time each guest as they try to go through the racetrack. Have the racers begin by dressing up like a racer with gloves, helmet, goggles, shirt, pants, and racing boots. Then have them race through the obstacle course. Make sure to let them know that they must stop at each “Stop” sign. Award prize ribbons to the top racers.

Hot Wheels Racer. Have the children assemble their track sets and select their cars. Race two cars at a time. Award a series of prizes so everyone feels included.

Beanbag Toss. Cut the black construction paper into the shape of a black tire, and cut a small hole in the center, just big enough for a beanbag to get through. Have guests take turns trying to throw a beanbag through the tire.

Pin the Car on the Racetrack. Classic “pin-the-tail” game, just with a racetrack twist. Draw a racetrack on a large piece of construction paper. Cut car shapes out of construction paper (trace around a car cookie cutter if you have one). Place tape, or spray adhesive on the car shapes so they stick (if using spray adhesive, let them dry sticky side up). Hand each child a car and tell them they are to pin the car on the finish line of the racetrack. Blindfold children, spin the child around, and point them in the direction of the racetrack.

Tire Toss.Using an inflatable tire and tennis balls, see who can toss the most balls through the tire.

Car Race. Using medium-sized cardboard boxes, create racecars.

  • Cut out part of the bottom of the box and fold that part for the windshield
  • Cut out handles on the sides
  • Spray paint the outside of the box
  • Glue leftover paper plates that have been painted black as tires
  • Paint numbers on the front and back of the boxes

Have the kids get into the cars and race across the party area or backyard and pretend they are racing cars, making “VROOM” sounds. These cars can also be used during the obstacle course.


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