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Introduction and Party Invitations

Who’s kids’ favorite mystery sleuth? Scooby-DooTM, of course! All of us know that Scooby is more interested in his Scooby snacks than the actual mystery ? he is a bit of a scaredy cat after all. Still, kids will love to attend a party to solve a Scooby mystery with their own sleuthing skills. Invite your gang over for a party of mystery fun.

Create a Mystery File Folder Invitation. Starting with a plain file folder, print out a large sticker label with _____ (birthday child’s name) Detective Agency and place it on the folder. Next, write on the folder top secret and confidential to look like they were stamped on. Inside the folder, write your party details:

The birthday phantom is at it again! Please come and help ____. The mystery begins at ___ on _____.  Join us at the ____’s Detective Agency address for some mystery solving fun.  Please RSVP by ________________.

At the top of the page write directions for deciphering the secret code. Make sure to place the proper party details on the back of the file for the guests to know the exact details.

Alternatively, create a large brown Paw Print Invitation out of heavy cardstock, and write your party details on the paw. Attach it to a large dog bone with a ribbon and hand-deliver to your guests.