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Games and Activities

Web Maze. Set up a web maze by weaving very long black yarn strings around the room. Attach to the ends of each string a white balloon with ghost faces drawn on each one. Have the kids untangle the webs and attach the next clue to one of the balloons.

By untangling the web you found my clue on a ghost.  Now tie them around your ankle and see who can stomp the most.

Stomp the Balloons. Inside each balloon place a piece of the next clue. After the kids have popped all of the balloons, the kids must put the clue pieces together (number the clues to make this easier).

Yikes! To find the presents you must search high and low and sit on the carpet where the next game is ready to go. When the game is over the last one in the chair will look under to see what is there.

Scooby Where's Your Bone. Have one child sit on the chair and place a bone under it. All of the other kids sit on the floor and everyone takes turns quietly and quickly taking the bone and the person in the chair has to guess who took it. After everyone takes a turn, provide the next clue, which is taped to the bottom of the chair:

Scooby's hungry from all these games the next clue will be found where you see his name.

Pin the Sandwich on Scooby-Doo. Cut the construction paper into sandwich shapes. Place tape, or spray glue, on the tails so they stick. If using spray glue, have them dry sticky side up.

So you think you are getting close, but you’re not! Let's see how good you are with the biscuits you drop.

Scooby Snack Drop. Use a jar on the floor and Scooby dog biscuits. Have the kids try to drop 3 biscuits in the jar by standing over it and dropping them from their chins. Place the next clue under the jar.

Zoinks! I unleashed the mummies and they are all around. Wrap up your teammates in hopes you are not found.

Divide the kids into 2 teams and have them race to wrap up their mummies.

Have some adult helpers dress as the phantoms to surprise the kids and get into the Mystery Machine where all the gifts are hidden. Deliver the final clue:

Well the mummies didn't stop you, but they gave me time to get away So, now it’s all on you. Talk it over and think about what I might use to drive away.

Have the kids run to your garage, but don’t have any cars in there. Open the garage door and there is the Mystery Machine. Have the kids run to the car/van, open the back door, and the phantoms hiding there can say, Hey, we would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!

Other thematic party games include:

Scooby-Doo’s Message. Have everyone sit in a circle. Tell the birthday child to think of a message that Scooby-Doo would want to tell his friends, or help the birthday child write such a message. Have the birthday child whisper that message to the person on his or her left; the message travels from child to child around the circle, until it reaches the person on the birthday child's right. That person tells the message out loud. Then the birthday child tells the original message out loud. Be prepared to be surprised at how the message has changed as it went around the circle!

Gelatin Eating Contest. Place one bowl of gelatin for each child, lined up on the ground – possibly on a table cover to protect against a mess. Put the name of Scooby-Doo’s friends on each bowl. The players place their hands on the ground next to their bowls. Have someone give the command: “It’s time for some Scooby snacks!". All of the players begin eating their gelatin, without moving their hands off the ground. The first one with a clean bowl wins!

Scooby Relay. Have the children stand in two single file lines, facing the same direction. Place a balloon between the knees of the first child in each line. When the race starts, the child turns to face the next person in line; the second child must grasp the balloon with his or her knees and turn to pass it onto the third person, and so on. If the balloon falls to the ground, the team must start over. The first team to pass the balloon down the line wins!

Feeding Time. Draw a picture of Scooby-Doo on the side of the cardboard box with his mouth wide open. Cut a hole for the mouth that is large enough for the beanbags to be easily thrown through. Place the box 10 feet away from the children, and give each of them a chance to toss the beanbags into Scooby-Doo's mouth.