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Use green, yellow, and purple balloons to mark the party spot by hanging them around the front of your home.

Place a banner over the front door saying, “Welcome to Scooby's Mystery Machine!”

Hang Scooby-Doo wall decorations and/or Halloween items such as webs, bats, ghosts and cauldrons, if available, throughout the party area.

Cover the party table with a customized Scooby-Doo table cover and ensure each place setting has a Scooby-Doo plate, napkin, cup and utensils.

Add any Scooby-Doo toys your child may have to the table as a centerpiece and attach several balloons to the toys for added décor.

Cut several pieces of curling ribbon 1 to 2 feet long. Curl the ribbon by pulling it between your thumb and the blade of scissors. Spread the curls on your table.

Hang balloons in bunches for best effect by tying a colorful ribbon around the strings of several balloons, so they hang together.

Attach streamers to a light fixture in the center of the party table to add to the festive environment. Create multi-colored streamers by placing two different-colored streamers back-to-back and twisting (suggest orange and purple for Scooby-Doo). You can also use a Scooby-Doo streamer.

Using butcher paper, draw and color in a Mystery Machine that is placed on the party wall.