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Introduction and Party Invitations

Kids are fascinated with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man® who spins a web to defeat his enemies. With a bright red suit, and the movements of a spider who does good as a masked super hero, but also is a regular guy with a day job as a photographer for The Daily Bugle, this is a great character to build a party theme for kids who want an action-packed party filled with super hero fun.

Create a Spider-Man Web Invitation. Cut out an octagon shape from heavy cardstock, and draw a small circle in its center, extend lines coming out of the center of the circle to the corners of the octagon and draw arches in between each 2 lines. Place the party details on the web lines of the invitation. On the back of the invitation, glue white spider web netting for an added effect.

Alternatively, create a Newspaper Invitation. Cut out newspaper clippings and glue them onto a piece of heavy cardstock. Fold the cardstock into an invitation card. On the front side, write a headline that warns the party guests of evil villains that are planning to take over the world. Inside, write details that ask them to come to the party dressed as Spider-Man or their favorite super heroes and help the birthday child save the day and capture all the escaped villains.

Use thematic language for the invitation:

The _____ (villain name) has escaped, and Spider-Man and _____ (your child's name) need YOUR help!! Come celebrate _____’s birthday by keeping the planet safe!