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Introduction and Party Invitations

Looking for some nautical nonsense for your child’s upcoming birthday party? Take inspiration from the very popular character and show SpongeBob SquarePants™ who lives with his friends under the sea at Bikini Bottom. This is a wonderful party to hold in the summer given the under the sea adventure or in the winter when kids are looking for a winter’s break.

Make a SpongeBob Invitation. Use yellow heavy cardstock and cut it into a rectangle. Follow these steps to decorate it like SpongeBob:

  • Glue googly eyes on
  • Draw a mouth, red blushy cheeks, and a nose
  • Cut two arms and two legs out of construction paper and glue them on
  • Draw the tie, the shorts, and his shirt
  • On the back of SpongeBob, draw bubbles
  • In the middle of SpongeBob write down the party details

Alternatively, send a Bubble Invitation. Using heavy blue cardstock, fold a piece in half to create a card. Use a glue stick to attach a small section of bubble wrap. Paint the tips of the bubbles with yellow and blue paint. Inside the card, provide all of the SpongeBob SquarePants party details.

Use thematic language in your party invitation:

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob! And he would like you join him and all of his underwater buddies at Bikini Bottom for some tropical fun and to celebrate _____’s birthday.

  • Destination: Bikini Bottom (your home address)
  • Cast Off: Date of Party
  • Dive Time: Time of Party 

Ask your party guests to wear their funkiest beachwear. If the party is during winter, ask them to wear their beach clothes underneath their warm clothes to change into at the party.



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