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Introduction and Party Invitations

Do you have a Jedi Knight living in your home who loves the Star Wars™ movies? This is a classic series of movies that tells an age-old tale of good vs. evil that kids love to watch and re-enact themselves. For your next party, invite all of your child’s Jedi and Sith friends to a galaxy far, far away for a Star Wars adventure of millennial proportion!

Create Scroll Invitations that look like the opening scene of the movies where the background of the movie is rolled out on the movie screen. Take a picture of your child dressed up as his favorite Star Wars character and place it at the top of the scroll.

Below, write your party details in the scroll format using thematic language:

____ (age of your child) years ago a baby boy was born. He was named ___ and he was strong in the Force. Now he is ready to celebrate his _____ birthday and begin his training as a Padawan at the Jedi Training Academy. You are invited to celebrate with _____ and learn the ways of the Jedi alongside him. If you are up to the challenge make your way to the Jedi Training Academy (# Street, City, State, USA, Planet Earth.) Your adventure begins ____ (date) at _____ hours (time). Younglings will be making and using their own light sabers and taking a turn on the firing range with Academy-approved training blasters and laser cannons. (Galactic security measures require you leave your own weapons at home.) Please inform the Jedi Council whether or not you accept this invitation to celebrate with _____ by sending an urgent reply. Please join us. You're our only hope! May the Force be with you!



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