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Introduction and Party Invitations

Transformers are too cool! These popular toys have inspired a TV show and two movies. Transformers is all about the Autobots (the good guys!) vs. the Decepticons (the bad guys!), with humans somewhere in the middle. Your kids may be inspired and enthralled by these robots and want a Transformers-themed party! If you are looking for ways to bring this robotic party alive, here are some creative ideas.

Send out note cards inviting the kids to carry out a secret mission:

Are you an Autobot or Decepticon? Whichever you are, meet at the secret base for the mission of a lifetime! The Decepticons are invading and planning to take all of the Earth’s resources and people. Only the Autobots can save the day by locating a secret cyber light stick, which holds the key to defeating the Decepticons!

Be sure to include your party details (location, time, RSVP, etc.).

Attach the note cards to rock candy lollipops, and hand deliver them to your guests. If you would prefer to mail them, send the note card without the candy.

Alternatively, a Transformers Basic or Deluxe Kit N Kaboodle Kit provides thematic party invitations and supplies for this out-of-this world theme.



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