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Introduction and Party Invitations

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! ™ is a popular show on Nickelodeon that features Wubbzy, a cheerful little guy who loves to play, play, play! Whether it’s riding his tooter scooter, baking a chocolate doodleberry cake, or playing a game of kickety-kick ball, he wants to have fun. Widget and Walden are Wubbzy’s best friends and they work together to resolve daily problems. With such a darling character, this is a great party for play!

Create a Wubbzy Party Invitation in the shape of Wubbzy himself. Using yellow cardstock, make a mini-Wubbzy shape and on the inside have him invite the party guests and provide all of the party details.

Use the language: Wow! Wow! ____ (Birthday Child’s name) is having a party!



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