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Introduction and Party Invitations

An outdoor sleepover party provides lots of nighttime fun for your child in his or her own backyard campground.

Create Tent Invitations. Cut out "tent"-shaped invitations from brown construction paper, folded at the top. Open the tent, write the party details inside, and then mail to guests. Or, send postcards of national campsites with the party details written in the message area on the other side.

Alternatively, make Sleeping Bag Invitations. Use 2 primary color pieces of heavy cardstock to create the outside of the sleeping bag and cut out a slip of paper for the inside of the sleeping bag using plaid paper or a different primary color and put your party details on the inside paper. Seal the sleeping bag along the sides and the bottom with glue or staples. Send it in recycled brown envelopes for a rustic camping feel.

Use camp speak in your invitation:

  • You can be the Camp Director
  • Instead of place, write Campsite
  • Instead of time, write Camp Hours
  • Name your camp, such as Camp Silly or Camp Turning 8

Ask guests to bring their own sleeping bags, as well as box games, comic books, flashlights, and other items for sleepover fun.