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Set up tents and sleeping bags in the backyard when the guests arrive. Otherwise, erect the tents in advance. Place the tents near to the house and to a door for easy access to the toilet. If setting up camp indoors, clear the room of all furniture to give as much space as possible.

Decorate the inside of the tents with streamers and balloons.

Build a "campfire" using an outdoor fireplace or barbeque grill - just be sure to supervise it around the kids.

Add campground equipment, such as picnic table, flashlights, bandanas, and stuffed animals for fun.

Using construction paper and poster board, paint and cut out eerie "glow-in-the-dark" eyes, and put them in trees around the camp area.

Make a large wooden sign at the entrance to the Camp Site and have other signs pointing the way to the toilets and showers, picnic area, and wildlife trail.

Put up a chalk board with the Camp Rules written on it. Examples include:

  • No Playing with Matches
  • Throw Away Rubbish
  • Be Gentle with the Animals

Around the edges of the camp, place some citronella torches to keep the bugs away and add to the camp atmosphere.

Hang multi-colored Chinese lanterns around the garden.

Set up a picnic table and cover it with a green or camouflage cloth. Use plastic tableware or tin plates and cups. Provide bug stickers for each child to personalize their own plates and mugs.