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Games and Activities

Have the party guests arrive walking up to the front door with a red carpet rolled out for them. Upon arrival, have the kids show you their compact mirrors or sunglass invitations, if you chose to send those out to your guests.

While everyone waits for the guests to arrive, have the kids create Flower Garlands. Use fabric glue to layer flower and dragonfly shapes as desired and let them dry. Using a glue gun, attach shapes to a length of yarn and hang. The kids can take this home as party favors.

Once everyone has arrived, have him/her move through the various stations you have set up. It may be practical to have some adult helpers in each area to supervise the stations. Be sure to divide the kids into different groups so that the entire group doesn’t end up in the same room, unless the group is small enough to move together.

In the Bead Station, have buttons, beads, sequins, plain hair clips, and inexpensive headbands in the room that the kids can use to glam up. Have the girls glue items onto their clips or headbands and let them dry while the kids are moving through the various areas.

In the Spa Station, set up manicure and pedicure spots. For the manicures, have the kids wash their hands, apply a scrub, and follow with a lotion. Top off with a fresh coat of polish. For the pedicures, wash, scrub, and use lotion on the feet and top off with polish.

Spa Ideas:

  • Place a fragrance diffuser, bowls of floating candles, and flowers to decorate your spa room
  • Have teen magazines lying around for the girls to enjoy during their treatments
  • Play relaxing music throughout the spa
  • Drape white sheets over the chairs and tables
  • Have fresh towels on hand for the different treatments, both washcloths and hand towels
  • Have hand mirrors available to be used by the spa patrons

Hair Styling Station. Place brushes, curlers, mousse, and hair accessories in the room with mirrors for the kids to do their hair up. Other items the kids may like are hair streaks and color for added glam. After they finish in this station, give the kids time to adorn their hair with their new accessories that they made at the Bead Station.

In the Dressing Room provide boas, fancy dresses, heels, stockings, hats, gloves and any other item you think is fancy and can be found at a thrift store. The kids can take time dressing up. Make sure to have enough for all of your guests.

Photo Booth. After your guests are completely glammed up, ask them to step into a narrow area that has been closed off with a drape or shower curtain for a glam photo shoot. You can have fun with this by inviting as many kids as possible to squeeze into the booth for the pictures.

If you are looking for more traditional party activities, try the following:

  • Make Edible Jewels out of lifesavers and other candies with holes in the center that is strung with red licorice.
  • Create a Glamour Girl Birthday Banner. Take a large piece of butcher paper and write Happy Birthday (your child's name)! at the top. Have the birthday girl lie down on the paper and have the guests trace her body. Lay the paper on the floor and provide crayons, markers, stencils, stickers, glue, glitter, ribbons, colored tissue, scraps of fabric, feathers, and buttons for the guests to design a glamour outfit for the birthday girl. The party guests can also write messages and sign their names on the banner too. A great party keepsake!
  • Play Memory-abilia. Collect 20 small, theme-related items (ring, barrette, bracelet, watch, temporary tattoo, nail polish, etc.) and set them on a tray in front of everyone for 30-40 seconds while players try to memorize as many items as possible. When time is up, pass out paper and pencils. Give the girls a couple of minutes to write down as many items as they can remember. Whoever lists the most correctly, wins. 
  • Make Body Glitter. You will need water, Aloe Vera, small bottles and glitter.
  • Decorate Flip Flops. Provide rhinestones, beads, and sequins on a table and a glue gun and decorate the plastic part of colorful flip-flops.


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