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Introduction and Party Invitations

Looking for a unique idea for a birthday bash where everyone has a "reel" good time? Consider a movie-themed party¯it's easy to pull off and can work for children of many ages, depending on the type of movies you choose to highlight.

Little ones love flicks that feature favorite cartoon characters like The SpongeBob SquarePantsMovie or The Cat in the Hat, while blockbusters like Spider-Man and Harry Potter work well for older movie fans.

Movie Ticket Invitations

Your first move: spread the word about your child's upcoming birthday party. You can notify his or her friends by sending out invitations made to look like movie tickets. Here's how: simply cut pieces of construction paper or poster board into about 5" x 8" rectangles. Write "Admit One" across the top of each invitation and give the details about when and where the party will take place with cinema-themed phrases such as:

Now Playing: David's 8th Birthday Party

Showtime: 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

You can even take your film theme one step further and invite guests to come dressed as their favorite movie character. This gives kids an opportunity to get creative and use their imagination to come up with a clever costume. Plus, it will give partygoers something to talk about as they arrive and check out the other "stars" in the room.



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