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Introduction and Party Invitations

Does your child have a favorite rock star or band that he or she would like to incorporate into his or her next birthday party theme? Invite your child's friends to be mini-celebrities at your kid's Rock & Roll party, where everyone can be a star.

For your party invitation, make a rock concert ticket. Using heavy cardstock in your favorite rock band's colors, create a ticket with all of the party details in it. Make sure the kids have it with them to gain entrance into the party.

Alternatively, create a CD invitation. Using blank CD holders, create a CD label using paint pens that looks like a favorite rock group or musician’s CD cover rock band.

Inside the holder, place a CD-shaped piece of paper where you have written all of your party details.

Request that your guests dress up as their favorite rock stars.

Make sure to include festive language on your party invitation, like Rock the night away at (birthday child’s name)’s house!