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Introduction and Party Invitations

Does your child have a birthday around the bewitching evening of Halloween? This is a fantastic holiday to build a ghoulishly fun party for all of your child’s friends. Invite all of the ghouls, ghosts, and witches over to unite for a party fit to scare up fun for everyone!

Create a Gravestone Invitation. Use grey heavy cardstock and cut out a small gravestone shape. On one side of the invitations, write the names of your invited guests and on the other side write your party details. Place the gravestone onto a small piece of green Astroturf® material resembling grass and use craft glue to attach.

Alternatively, purchase black cardstock and cut out enough paper to fold over and make a card. On the front of your card, take a glue stick and place glue all over the front. Place spider web netting right onto the glue and puff it up a bit. Tie an orange ribbon at the bottom and place a plastic spider web or bug into the spider web. Inside the card, write your party details on the inside with white chalk. 

Both of these invitations can either be hand-delivered or sent via mail in an oversized, lined envelope.

Tip: Ask your guests to dress up in their Halloween costumes and be sure to take pictures of them dressed up with the birthday child when they arrive at the party.