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Introduction and Party Invitations

The Fourth of July may make some people think of the Liberty Bell, the American flag, and the Statue of Liberty. But if your child shares our nation's birthday (or if it falls around the same day), it's time to plan an Independence Day party.

Red, white, and blue is a great all-American color motif for a birthday bash. And since stores are filled with such seasonal paper products and decorations, it will be a breeze to set your table.

Make your own Flag Invitations by folding a piece of red construction paper in half. Cut out and glue white stripes horizontally on the front (with the fold to your left) and a blue square in the upper left corner. Use a star-shaped hole punch to cut out stars in the blue paper, or use star stickers. Include the party details inside.

Alternatively, make Popper Invitations by writing your Fourth of July party details on small cards, stuffing them inside paper tubes, and wrapping them with crepe paper. Tie the ends off with a ribbon, and fringe them with scissors. Mail the poppers in a cardboard tube or hand-deliver them to your guests.