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   Geoffrey's Partyland - the home of birthdays, games and fun!   Explore Partyland
  Geoffrey’s Partyland was created especially for kids, with fun games and activities designed to give them the chance to make their own choices for their birthday party. As your kids play in Geoffrey’s Partyland, they’ll be helping you plan.
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Kids can plan their birthday party and play fun birthday games!
  • Create a birthday menu. Kids choose the food they like from drinks to desserts.
  • Decorate their party. Kids pick colors for balloons, tablecloth, plates, cups and birthday banner.
  • Make a birthday cake. Kids pick the colors, frosting, icing and cake flavor.
  • Pick party games. Kids pick games and activities to play at their party.
  • Pick a party pal. Kids can choose one of their favorite characters.
  • Print birthday cards. Kids can make their invitations, birthday and thank-you cards.
  • Invite their friends. Kids can create and print their guest list.
  • Birthday Candles Challenge. Try blowing out all the candles before they re-light.
  • Ha-Ha Box. Each box contains a funny joke and a bunch of laughs inside!
  • Runaway Donkey. Try and pin the tail on the Donkey as it runs around on screen.
  • Rocket Show. Create and watch your own brilliant rocket show in the night sky.
  • 3 Birthday Presents. Three boxes spin around while you try to keep your eye on the one with the bouncy beach ball.